Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Updates on the Cow and Bull

An update on the Cow.
The Kolsch yeast did a great job. I transfered to the secondary last night. When I opened the bucket, I was greeted by a huge floating yeast cake (or sponge). I broke through with siphon starter and pulled very clear beer. As I moved the siphon around, I managed to pull in a lot of bottom yeast, which was not my goal. It will clear even more and be a great summertime beer. Even at just basement cool and with some of the yeast sponge, my little sampler was very good.

And for the Bull.
It's going to get less bittering hops at 60 minutes in favor of getting more hop additions at the midpoint and later in the boil. I'll also bump up the chocolate malt and use a lighter British pale chocolate to avoid getting too roasty.

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