Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Frist Crack IPA

I really meant to take pictures of this whole process since it was my first all-grain brew. I didn't of course. I also didn't keep great track of the numbers, but I did keep track of the recipe.

10.5 # Breiss 2-row
1 # Breiss Crystal 40
1 oz. 14.4 AA Magnum @60 min
1 oz. 4.5 AA Cascade @30 min
1 oz. 4.5 AA Cascade @ 10 min
S-05 Yeast

I dry hopped this with another ounce of Cascade after 2 weeks in the primary, allow it to sit in the secondary for only a week and a day.

I plan on entering this at the Microfest competition. I don't care about winning, but I want the judging. Who knows? There is a special category for new brewers.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Dirty Cow Farmhouse Ale

Like Spotted Cow? This might be another alternative to the Cream Ale.

Beer name:Dirty Cow Farmhouse Ale
Batch size:5 gallons
BJCP style: 6A. Cream Ale
Malt bill: 4 lb Briess Brewers 2-row Malt
4 lb Dingemans Pilsen
1 lb Briess Yellow Corn Flakes
.5 lb Briess Barley Flakes
.5 lb Briess Caramel 20L Malt
Hops bill:.5 oz Northern Brewer ( 8.0% AA, Pellet) at 60 min.
.5 oz Saaz ( 4.0% AA, Whole) at 10 min.
Yeast: WhiteLabs WLP029 German Ale/Kolsch

OG: 1.053
FG: 1.012
ABV: 5.5%
IBU: 22
SRM: 4

Cream Ale recipe

This recipe is from Jamil's Show on The Brewing Network that I may use on March 28th. There's a good chance I'll switch this around.

5 lbs. Pilsner
5 lbs. 2-Row
1 lb. flaked corn
1 lb. table sugar

Mash at 149 F

75 minute boil

1 oz. Liberty (4.0% AA) at 60 min.
1/2 oz. Liberty (4.0% AA) at 1 min.

California Ale yeast

Predicted O.G. 1.054

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls...brewin' times here.

The latest schedule of brewing events. Subject to change at any time for any reason.

March 28th - Cream Ale
April 11th - Hefeweizen
April 19th - Belgian Blonde
May 9th (National Homebrew Day) - Saison

If I think about it, I'll post for each session.

Cheers all!