Monday, August 20, 2018

Frist Crack IPA - Returning for Mocktoberfest 2018

Let's acknowledge something before we begin. 

My very first blog post has been called Frist Crack this entire time instead of "First Crack" like it was supposed to be. It's been on here since 2009 and it's better to stick with tradition than to change it now. 

This was my first all-grain recipe and probably one of the best beers I've ever made. Simple and straightforward. This is modified slightly from the original.

11 lbs of 2-Row
1 lb Crystal 40L
1 oz. 12 AA Warrior @60 min
1 oz. 4.5 AA Cascade @30 min
1 oz. 4.5 AA Cascade @10 min

Using Wyeast 1056

1.061 OG
1.015 FG
57.4 IBU
7.6 SRM
6% ABV
0.92 Balance