Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Frist Crack IPA

I really meant to take pictures of this whole process since it was my first all-grain brew. I didn't of course. I also didn't keep great track of the numbers, but I did keep track of the recipe.

10.5 # Breiss 2-row
1 # Breiss Crystal 40
1 oz. 14.4 AA Magnum @60 min
1 oz. 4.5 AA Cascade @30 min
1 oz. 4.5 AA Cascade @ 10 min
S-05 Yeast

I dry hopped this with another ounce of Cascade after 2 weeks in the primary, allow it to sit in the secondary for only a week and a day.

I plan on entering this at the Microfest competition. I don't care about winning, but I want the judging. Who knows? There is a special category for new brewers.

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