Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Brewing the Church Mouse Belgian Blonde

I brewed the Belgian Blonde recipe on Sunday after painting the nursery. It was a long day.

I started the process at 3:00 PM on the nose. Everything went very smooth all the way through. With the assistance of my beautiful bride, I was able to use my new drill with the grain mill. Speaking of, I set the rollers with a feeler gauge to .030 inches.

I finished at everything including cleaning at 8:00 PM. The original gravity was 1.055. To continue the beer fun, I bottled the German Weizen (Little Pig) then which took me until 9:30.

Something seemed lost.

I forgot the sugar!

Long story short, I was boiling down 1 lb. of sugar until 11:45. It's bubbling away now and looks to be very happy with the sugar addition.

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