Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Gone Grizzly Gone California Common

Did you know that at one time San Francisco was home to grizzly bears? In fact, grizzly bears once wandered a large area of the western United States reaching all the way to the Nebraska-Iowa state line. All of that changed of course and now they roam mainly to Canada. In homage to the heritage of the grizzly bear and the Bear Flag Republic, here is my recipe for a California Common.

8 lbs. 2-Row
.5 lb. Crystal 90
.5 lb. Carapils

.75 oz. Northern Brewer @ 60 minutes
.75 oz. Northern Brewer @ 15 minutes
1 oz. Northern Brewer @ 1 minute

WLP810 San Francisco Lager

OG 1.052
FG 1.014
ABV 5.1
IBU 43
SRM 12

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