Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Souris de Grange Belgian Blonde

Have you seen this before? Yes! This is a small revision on the Church Mouse Belgian Blonde recipe that went over really well at the St. Louis Brewer's Heritage Festival. The only difference is that I might be forced to use some domestic 2-row in place of the Pilsner malt if I don't have enough for the batch and I'm going to ferment this a lot warmer than last time to try to gain some big Belgian flavors. Also, I'm using Styrian Goldings for the single hop addition.

10 lbs. Belgian Pilsner (or 2-row depending on supplies)
.5 lb. malted wheat
.5 lb. Dingemans aromatic
1 lb. beet sugar
Mash at 150 degrees.
90 minute boil
1.5 oz. Styrian Goldings for 60 minutes
WLP540 Abbey IV Ale Yeast

By the way, the name translates to Barn Mouse. I figured it's not as prestigious as the Church Mouse if I have to use 2-row.

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