Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Draft Horse Dunkelweizen

This is the recipe given by Jamil Zainasheff on the "The Jamil Show" as heard on the Brewing Network.

The only thing different for me is the yeast. He recommended the typical White Labs Hefeweizen yeast and I'll be using a Platinum strain, WLP351.

2 lbs. Pilsner malt
3 lbs. Munich malt
6.9 lbs. wheat
6 oz. Special B
6 oz. Crystal 40
2 oz. Carafa Special 2

Mash at 152

Boil for 90 minutes

Add 1 oz. Hallertau at 60 minutes.

Note: I've recalculated the figures below. Jamil's seemed off.

OG 1.066
FG 1.017
IBU 16
SRM 19
ABV 6.3%

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