Monday, October 25, 2010

Day of the Scarecrow

I attempted to start the brew day early in the morning, but after just a little bit, it seemed the mojo was not with me.  I finally put a stop to it once I couldn't get my garden hose to seal up and my son was non-stop crying because he hadn't slept long enough.

But things improved.

My son went back to sleep and I ran to Home Depot to get a hose mender.  With that, the day took off.  Nothing fantastic to report other than 106.5 The Arch plays a lot of power ballads on Sunday afternoons.  I started just past 11 and was all cleaned up and done by 3:30, thanks to my fellow brewers.

1.050 on the dot and a nice flavor.  See...scarecrows aren't that scary after all.

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