Monday, January 18, 2010

Bottling the Tackle Box IPA

I wanted to write up a quick post on bottling the Tackle Box IPA only because I'd dry-hopped it ten days before. I used whole leaf hops for the purpose along with a little pellet. The whole leaf hops soaked up a ton of beer!

From TackleBox_IPA

The smell of orange was HUGE! It may not be much to look at though. I pulled off the leaves with a strainer because my siphon started sucking them up.

Here's a pic when it's ready for bottling.

From TackleBox_IPA

Notice the swirl of green goodness on top? Hop residue. The color came out a lot lighter than I'd expected. The taste was really fresh, but I'm not sure it'll have the malt backbone I wanted. It may require a bit more Crystal the next time I brew it. I guarantee there will be a next time, too!

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