Monday, December 7, 2009

Brewing the Tackle Box IPA

I finally got around to brewing the Tackle Box recipe from September.

There's nothing exceptional to report. The only interesting item was that I was told my thermometer was about 5 degrees too warm at typical mash temps. This time, I attempted to counter that, but I still ended up a little too cool. I made a hot water addition to get it up a little and let it go when it hit 153.

The hop additions were plentiful. The AA% on my Centennial was only 8.7% and my recipe was formulated for 9.5%. I used .25 oz. of Magnum at 60 minutes to get my IBUs to my recipe. This thing is nice and bitter with lots of hop aroma and taste.

Started at 9, finished by 2:15.

OG: 1.068 (78% efficiency)

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