Saturday, May 8, 2010

Brewing the American Craft Wheat for NHD

This day didn't start out as planned.
1.  I got there late.
2.  I didn't have my recipe.
3.  I didn't have my water calculations.
4.  I didn't have my hops.

It seemed nobody else was quite working the same way I was, so I couldn't find someone with the calculations I needed.  Forgetting that, it was still a successful day. 

I ran home and grabbed some Magnum hops while mashing and I made a call to Willie to get my water numbers.  At the end, I put just over 5 gallons in the bucket at 1.042.  This was after shorting myself a little on grain and shorting myself a little on water too.  

Today also marked the maiden voyage for my chiller, which I finally completed last night.  It worked like a charm and cooled 5 gallons down in no time.  I'll make a separate post on that later.

Since I've ran myself short on time, this beer will be my Brewers Heritage Fest beer.  I'm sure the kiddies will like it.

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