Monday, August 17, 2009

Old Thresher Dampfbier

This is a little known style outside of Germany. Dampfbier means "steam beer", but it shouldn't be confused with the San Fransisco steam beer. German Dampfbier is an all barley malt beer fermented on Weissenbier yeast. It's one of the few German ales and comes from the forests of Bavaria. This will be served at Mocktoberfest if things work out.

On to the recipe.

7 lbs. Pilsner
2 lbs. Munich
1 lb. Carapils

90 minute boil with

1 oz. Hallertaur @ 60 min.
Irish moss @15 min.

Fermented on a White Labs 351 Bavarian Weizen

OG - 1.049
FG - 1.010
ABV - 5.2%
IBU - 19
SRM - 10


Clint Marsh said...

I want to be at Mocktoberfest!

Turtleweiss said...

you'll have to send an invite to CSP to Mocktoberfest, that name rocks!

Scott Schluter said...

What temperature did you ferment at?

Mockwerks said...

Hi Scott,

I fermented at typical basement temps. For me, that's around 68 at that time of year.